Helping Lakewood Motorcyclists Get Back On the Road

bloody motorcycleWashington laws governing motorcyclists are plentiful and easily misunderstood. Even when regulations involving passengers, helmet use and lane usage are followed, negligent car and truck drivers have the potential to inflict great harm and/or property damage. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with a motorcycle-related injury, you need trusted legal counsel immediately.

Being Mindful Never Hurt Anybody

Some Washington laws appear somewhat contradictory. For example, while it’s against the law to forego wearing a helmet, wearing headphones while operating a motorcycle is not. Furthermore, those riding motorcycles without turn signals are not legally obligated to indicate when or where they’re turning. Motorcycle injuries often lead to lengthy medical stays and life-altering expenses, and extra caution should always be exercised.

We Won’t Leave You Behind

Having represented Pierce County motorcyclists for two decades, attorney Maria Stirbis has seen her fair share of heartbreaking personal injury cases. She has the experience and skill set necessary to ensure that you and your family receive the fair and just compensation you deserve. Contact Liberty Law LLC now to learn more about how Maria can help you move forward.

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